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Raji Jayasinghe - Dec 9, 2019

Ubiquity partners with UN: SDG Learn

Ubiquity University partners with United Nations SDG:Learn to enhance learning around Sustainable Development Goals 

Ubiquity University is delighted to announce a partnership with the United Nations UN SDG:Learn initiative. Ubiquity will be contributing courses on the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the UN SDG:Learn platform to support their project in gathering all SDG-related learning content in one easily accessible place (see https://www.unsdglearn.org/). Ubiquity is also exploring how its changemaker social platform, the UbiVerse (https://ubiverse.org), could contribute to the UN initiative as well as how it may contribute its expertise in assessing SDG-related skills and competencies. 

Ubiquity University is a global university focused on competency-based education and geared towards driving positive social impact. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a central part of the Ubiquity curriculum and are the pillars upon which learners are encouraged to develop their passions and their work in the real world. UN SDG:Learn is a United Nations initiative that aims to bring relevant and curated learning solutions on sustainable development topics to individuals and organizations. As such, a partnership between Ubiquity and UN SDG: Learn is highly potentiated, with opportunities for Ubiquity’s learners to contribute to the Global Goals and for UN SDG: Learn to fulfill its mandate to build awareness and capacities around the SDGs.

Ubiquity President Jim Garrison said: “We are honored to be working with UN SDG:Learn to redefine learning and ensure that, given the global circumstances of today, students are equipped with an awareness that addressing the SDGs is critical for the human future. The biggest megatrend in education and work today is the shift from degrees to competencies. At the center of the competencies everyone now needs to acquire is the competencies required to achieve the SDGs.”

Patrick van Weerelt, Head of Office at UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development, said: 

“As we embark on a decisive decade for the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, UN SDG:Learn’s ambition is to serve as a platform to engage all stakeholder groups in developing learning solutions, building effective partnerships, and accelerating action. It is important to see private sector initiatives like Ubiquity University and the UbiVerse platform supporting UN SDG:Learn as a partner. Through purposeful collaboration, we can achieve the transformation towards a more sustainable world.”

To start off, the following courses are on offer:

  1. Introduction to the UN SDGs
  2. United Nations SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities
  3. United Nations SDG4 - Quality Education
  4. Introduction to the UN SDGs by UNMGCY
  5. United Nations SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

For any questions regarding these and any of Ubiquity’s other educational offerings, please contact petermerry@ubiquityuniversity.org

Written by Raji Jayasinghe

Rajinda has over 10 years of experience in the international development, education and startup space. After graduating from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School in 2003, and receiving his Masters Degree from Johns Hopkins’ School for International Studies (SAIS) in 2006, Raji went on to direct country programs for Relief International. He immersed himself in this work during Sri Lanka’s post-Tsunami era and continued to contribute during the climax and aftermath of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Raji then went on to pursue an MBA at the National University of Singapore, following which he took on a role as CEO at Knowledge City (a Sri Lankan organization specializing in IT and English education) before moving on to start his own company in the fintech space in Singapore.