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Banafsheh Sayyad - Oct 18, 2019

Whirling in the Quantum Field

Science is the new language of mysticism. The discoveries in quantum physics mirror mystical ideas put forth by Sufi mystics. Quantum physics points to a field of being that unifies and connects all into a field of information. Rumi and the Sufi mystics spoke of the oneness and interconnection of all of existence. Quantum physics is now saying our identity lies not in matter but in space, not with form but with emptiness. The Sufis say our true identity is to be found in Laa Makan (no-place). When we dissolve our personal identity into the greater, we taste our true essence. 

Being flowers from non-being and to be you have to not be. Becoming present is a dying. Sufis speak of dying before you die (fana) in order to truly live (baqa). Rumi says, “Die, die, in this love die, for when you die you will receive spirit in full.”

Rumi also says, “You are the entire ocean in a drop…insomuch as you become selfless in the presence of your origin, your form departs and your real essence is displayed.” The universe is inside us, but for us to come in touch with this, we need to not be.

Physics has proven that what we experience as reality is actually 99.9999999% space. The tiny 0.0000001% that we define as “something” or materiality is only a little “oscillation,” an electro magnetic boundary that jumps in and out of the vacuum field and creates what we experience as the manifest world. Instead of matter defining space, space defines matter. Could what science refers to as space and energy what mystics call spirit?

Central to the Sufi path is Sama (whirling), which means to listen. Sama is a form a dying. An age-old practice of the legendary Sufi masters Rumi and Shams, it is an inner journey and a direct path to the source. Whirling dissolves your habitual personality and attachment to things, people and stories into the vast ocean of no-place. This dissolution enables the energy of the source to pour into you and recreate you so you can be born anew…present, unchained, free and wildly inspired. Through the Sama, you can enter into the unified field and become divine, emulating the creator of all worlds.


Dance of Oneness Workshop Andalusia 2017




Written by Banafsheh Sayyad

Persian master dance artist and transformational teacher, Banafsheh communicates the universal message of Sufi mysticism and Divine Feminine wisdom in a passionate yet serenely meditative way. Her dance is an interplay between trance and directed movement, precise yet abandoned and unrestrained. Her explosive yet fluid movement is sensual and ritualistic, uniting the feminine and masculine energies, body and soul, light and dark in a marriage of opposites. She invokes the ancient roots of dance as devotion, prayer and adoration while blazing an original trail in contemporary dance with her masterly fusion of high level dance technique and spirituality.