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Mayteck - Feb 12, 2020

5 Reasons why I think Self Love Should Rule The World

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Love is the strongest energy. It can transform the world. Love can always save us. Coming from a place of love is key to developing more empathy, greater understanding of one another, less judgment, and cultivating a sense of genuine appreciation and gratitude for this wonderful life we live.

According to Business Insider, the mental health forecast for the Millennial generation “doesn’t look pretty”. The reality is, as a generation who is starting to lead the global economy, we Millennials have the responsibility to overcome sweeping global challenges such as the climate crisis, technology addiction, global inequality, conflict and more.

Yet to solve any kind of threat we need to be sure of ourselves, aligned in mind, body, and soul. Everything starts with the way we perceive, listen and connect with ourselves. It is only from a place of love that we can truly kick-start the process of positive change - for ourselves and for those around us.

In honor of self-love, I would like to share five reasons why I think love should rule the world:

  1. All good things start with loving yourself.
    Let’s start by accepting ourselves for who we truly are. Let’s stop pretending. Let’s not define who we are by the things we own or by what others say we should be. You are amazing already even though you, like all of us, are a work in progress. By being unabashedly you, you can unleash the power of acceptance and start to be more present, accepting of yourself, happier, healthier and more conscious of your choices.
    Soon, everything you create will catalyze a positive cycle. “Good vibes only”, remember?
  2. Love can help you consciously face life’s challenges
    First things first, let’s start by knowing ourselves. When you are self-aware and act consciously you can recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. Life is a lot about your inner journey and how you address these challenges. When you know yourself, you can boost your self-development and develop the strength to adapt and overcome life’s obstacles. Can you imagine the world we could live in if we all develop a high level of consciousness?
  3. Love your uniqueness - the world needs you.
    I truly believe that each soul is unique in this world and has a unique purpose. The only reason why you can give so much is because you are so valuable already. Trusting yourself is the best way to practice self-love. When you feel confident, you can lead the projects you want, from losing some weight to developing the next sustainability project in your community.
    Only you can do you. Your authentic contribution matters. We are all part of “us”, but “we” need you because YOU have no substitute.
  4. Spread the love and all it teaches you
    There is so much we can learn from love. For me, what is most interesting is that love is all about inclusion. Whoever you are, we all deserve to be loved. And as the LGTBIQ saying goes - “love is love”. It knows no boundaries and makes no judgment. Without considering gender, race, income, nationality, spiritual tradition... love is there for all of us, to be enjoyed, shared and spread.
    If you are part of the 85% of the world’s population affected by low self-esteem just remember: you deserve to be loved. But hey! Don’t get me wrong, what you don’t do for yourself, nobody else will. So, just teach them by doing ;)
  5. Love can build long term, sustained motivation
    We all want to feel fulfilled with our jobs, relationships, projects or whatever else we do. When you love yourself and respect your ideas and beliefs it is easier to identify what you feel passionate about. Long term, sustainable motivation comes when you have a purpose that is bigger than yourself, that challenges you and also that encourages you to explore new paths. If self-love rules the world, depression wouldn’t be one of the most common mental health illnesses of this generation.giphy

A good friend recently told me: “We are all changemakers”. He is right (thank you, Fede). I thought it was about what we “can” change, but the truth is that we are already changing and transforming our surroundings every day, one decision at a time. Let’s just make the best of it and keep cultivating self-love.

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I wish you all the LOVE in the world.

Written by Mayteck

A passionate and creative communications professional, she is in love with language and creativity. She is our Marketing Manager putting Sun and Soul to everything she does.