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Veronica Saldias - Mar 23, 2020

How To Embrace Creativity As A Superpower During Disruptive Times

First, what is Creativity? According to the Cambridge Dictionary it is the ability to produce original and unusual ideas, or to make something new or imaginative.

Creativity for me is the human capacity to CREATE in order to provide solutions to needs, problems, and crises. Most people believe that creativity is only for artistic purposes, but in fact it is something that can be embraced as a superpower to determine and change any kind of situation and feeling in our lives.

It is the process of creating something new: A new way to see the same landscape when you are painting, taking a picture or narrating a story. A new way to wait in the line, like telling a joke or like thinking of a new idea to improve your work. A new way to put together musical notes to create a song. A new way to eat and nurture yourself. A new way to see the Universe creating a new theory. A new way to build a bridge, a house or a building. A new way to do anything or just to create a Brand New way of living!

Hyper complexity has arrived

Hyper complexity has arrived, which means that our world is going through some serious changes and we need to evolve to embrace them in the best possible way. To do that we first need to address ourselves and our needs. For eons, humankind was able to create new solutions to disruptive changes, and now is no different. We have to feel hopeful and even certain that we will find a way to thrive together.

Noche estrellada by Veronica

Noche estrellada by Veronica


So there are four aspects that we have to take into consideration:

  1. Each of us can make a contribution with our own unique talents and abilities. That is why it is important to flow with our creative capacity wherever it takes us. This will give us the certainty that we are making our contribution to the world and will guide us to a purposeful life in which we can be happy every day. Happiness is something that we build with all of our decisions, even in difficult times.
  2. We must learn the lessons and harness our creative ability to create sustainable solutions, not only for the world but for our own lives. We must be aware that  the great ideas that revolutionized our world were first implemented in small places, by ordinary people! The advantage we have today is that we have more knowledge and awareness about our planet, the living beings that inhabit it and outer space. Yes, the amount of information that we have access to is incredible, but we are still behind in creatively changing habits to really use that knowledge.
  3. Creativity fills us with vital energy. Yes it does. For example, if you like to paint, it is very possible that despite having worked all day and feeling exhausted, you feel an immense desire to find yourself alone with your watercolors and brushes. And after painting, you feel revitalized. So, imagine how much your life could change if you started embracing your creativity.
  4. Creativity is a door to self-knowledge and understanding. Beyond helping you find your talents and passions, the creative process allows for your mind to become silent and you can come to experience deep insights about yourself,  your life, your problems, possible solutions, and even experience spiritual encounters. This is also why certain creative activities are carried out during therapy such as writing, singing, painting or creating shapes with puzzles and others objects. Creativity can help us to explore the subconscious and deal with trauma safely.

Today, we are experiencing a new age of environmental struggles, a pandemic virus and economic changes that leave us  immersed in states of fear and confusion. Also, we can experience so much stress during these changes and the solution is to embrace these problems with creativity, with hope and trust in our capacity to create.

Somos Universo e infinitos exploradores by Vero

Please connect with your inner creative self and just follow your intuition to provide the world what it needs. This  will make you feel so happy, so relieved, so useful, so calm and so relaxed. You will see everything with more clarity to act!

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know yet where to put your creative capacity, and how to embrace it! Here are some tips to find your own way and path:


  1. Explore some process videos. For example, take a look into videos where an artist is painting a landscape, or where a singer is performing live. Maybe it would be interesting to look at a carpenter building a table, or to look into cooking channels! The most important, in this first step, is to listen to yourself while you are watching it. If you feel curiosity then keep exploring that kind of creative process. You will soon feel the need to try. Don’t be afraid of choosing more than one kind of creative process and don’t even mind if you have never studied or tried that field because everything in life can be learned.
  2. Once you choose one creative process to start, you can take a course for that or you can just start trying at home. You must remember that you are learning something new and it is going to take a while until you can consider yourself as an expert. But wait! The main thing about creativity is not to be an expert, it is to CREATE, so don’t worry too much about the time, just enjoy the process and the results will come!
  3. Remember to be patient with yourself during this process but at the same time, if you feel that you want to try something else, just do it! We are all explorers in this world ready to learn and service the world with our talents and energy, and that is not going to happen if you stick to something you don’t enjoy and love. That also goes for  your job. Creativity can be used all the time in all the fields of your life beyond just a hobby. Be fearless and be brave!!

This hyper complexity will pass, or may  transform into the new normal, but we will learn   lessons and keep building a better world for future generations. A world is full of people who create with love and passion, to serve others and indeed themselves. Let’s be more human than ever, more aware than ever for the good.


Written by Veronica Saldias

Veronica comes to Ubiquity after three years with AIESEC where she was Director of Talent Management and the designer of the Mentoring Program. Veronica has a degree in industrial engineering from the University of San Simon, Bolivia, where she graduated with honors in 2017. She is a person who enjoys life and who seeks change and innovation. As an artist and a writer, she sells her art through her Instagram page and writes articles for Globedia and other publications. She is currently the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and to the Office of the President of Ubiquity University.