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Matthew - Apr 29, 2019

Reflections on Easter Sunday - Part II

Matt Robertson is Ubiquity’s Director of Operations. He moved to Sri Lanka eight months ago to help expand Ubiquity’s presence in the region and currently resides in Colombo. He continues to work with Sri Lankan students and partners around the island.

Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 2019

My sadness and anger have turned to resolve, tonight. How cruelty and beauty can coexist in such close proximity I’ve found is one of the mysteries of life, and sacred characteristics of human nature. May we use it to refine our souls.

I’ve experienced and received so much from this place in my eight months living here; immediately welcomed, basically at ease, and delightfully intrigued in the farthest land I’ve been to.

Now - over 320 dead and 500 injured - my heart breaks with my family, who have already been wrestling with the trauma of violence for generations. This is the closest I’ve been to such strategic wretchedness, including 9/11. I feel as if it was both done to me, and a world away.

To label is an easy and unfortunate reaction. This wasn’t Muslims killing Christians. And beyond terrorists killing innocent people, let’s not forget - it was humanity killing humanity. We are One. And we are killing ourselves. And, for that matter, our precious planet, too.

I pray and recommit to do what I can. To live my life in a way that does not hold space for these atrocities. That promotes connection, kindness, truth and understanding in each interaction I’m capable of showing up to. In a way that helps beauty shine so bright that shadows willingly withdraw. Whatever it takes.

Prayers up to SL. And action here to my life. Big love.

Written by Matthew

Matt Robertson is on a life-long quest to help bring innovation into higher education. He believes it is time for a change in perspective and a shift in awareness. He brings a background in recruitment and relationship management to the Ubiquity community, in addition to his enthusiasm for awakening the best of human nature. He is a San Francisco Bay Area native, certified Mindfulness Instructor, basketball hooper, rhyme activist, and trail hiker of the human journey. Never hesitate to reach out to Matt with any questions you have about Ubiquity, or if you want to collab on a hip-hop track!