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Matthew - Mar 6, 2020

Seeds for our Future

We are living in complex times. 

The up-and-coming generations of young people today will face the fiercest consequences of our greatest contemporary challenges. Yes, if you’re reading this and you’re in your thirties or younger, this is you.. 

Our generations will navigate the worst of extreme poverty, severe weather, absence of renewable energy, refugee displacement, warfare and more. Simultaneously, fate has bestowed upon us the greatest opportunity humanity has known to germinate the first truly thriving global society. Our opportunity is equal to - greater even - than the threats we face.

So how do we raise our level of thinking? As individuals, we must start by taking self-responsibility for learning how to bring our minds, hearts and bodies into coherence. This practice of alignment activates a higher intelligence beyond our thinking minds, one we are only beginning to understand. 

This Summer, with the support and wisdom of those who have come before us, we invite you to join the Next Generation of wisdom seekers, artists, activists and beyond in Chartres, France for a special program taking place during Ubiquity’s Grammatica summer journey. We will gather in a place with deep history to plant seeds for a new expression of life in ourselves and on planet earth.

Chartres was known as a sacred site for the ancient Celtic Priests in Britain and Gaul, who were known as the Druids. They were the first to recognize that the area held a special energetic quality, that of the divine feminine. The Cathedral was created as a testament and embodiment of this sacred and creative energy and contains sacred geometry that reveals hidden wisdom. Additionally, it was from here  that the seven liberal arts, which heavily influence our modern education system, were pioneered throughout Europe under the 10th-century Bishop, Fulbert. 

For over a decade, hundreds of our students from around the world have gathered each year in Chartres - as thousands of pilgrims have done for centuries before them - to experience the cathedral and embrace transformative practices. This year we study the first liberal art, Grammatica, with a focus on transforming trauma through biofeedback machines, ritual and mindfulness practice, group dialogue and academic lecture by luminaries such as Dr. Gabor Mate, Dr. Thomas Hübl, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Nassim Haramein.

We invite participants under 30 to join the NextGen program. Throughout our week together we will integrate sessions from the main program, explore a variety of related topics in special breakout sessions, spend time together exploring the town and surrounding nature and support each other as we experiment with healing trauma and embracing transformation.

If this invitation resonates, this program is for you. Be sure to reach out with any questions you have and keep an eye out for special announcements about the schedule. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Nora Silini, NextGen Faculty/Mentor and Program Coordinator Integral Transpersonal Psychology, Ubiquity University  Matt Robertson, NextGen Faculty/Mentor and Director of Student Affairs, Ubiquity University  Raji Jayasinghe, NextGen Faculty/Mentor & Press Officer, Ubiquity University

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*Special rates available. Further financial assistance possible upon request.  

Written by Matthew

Matt Robertson is on a life-long quest to help bring innovation into higher education. He believes it is time for a change in perspective and a shift in awareness. He brings a background in recruitment and relationship management to the Ubiquity community, in addition to his enthusiasm for awakening the best of human nature. He is a San Francisco Bay Area native, certified Mindfulness Instructor, basketball hooper, rhyme activist, and trail hiker of the human journey. Never hesitate to reach out to Matt with any questions you have about Ubiquity, or if you want to collab on a hip-hop track!