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3 min read
For Changemakers - Nov 6, 2019

We are celebrating World Kindness Day with a 100% course discount

On November 13th, people everywhere celebrate World Kindness Day. In the spirit of this special day, we want to give you a 100% coupon code for our Micro Course Leadership in Disruptive Times (Lite Version).   
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4 min read
For Changemakers - Oct 28, 2019

Making an Impact with Ubiquity: Alternative Housing Schemes in Nigeria

A great part of humanity still struggles for the basic human needs of food, water and shelter. Poverty is still the stark reality for a great portion of people around the world, especially in Africa and Asia. 
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1 min read
For Changemakers - May 21, 2019

How I won the award for Innovative Lion Lady of the Year

Winning this award was a memorable moment in my life. This year was the first time this category was introduced to the Lions Club movement and highlights our mission to search for innovative ideas that serve the needy. As Chairperson, it was my...
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2 min read
Opinion - Apr 30, 2019

Avengers End Game: 5 Things I Learned From the Film!

#SpoilerAlert Leadership takes courage, purpose, and good friends to support your journey. Here are some lessons from our favorite Avengers! Discover your purpose: Never underestimate depression. Thor is just an example of this in the movie....
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2 min read
emotional - Mar 25, 2019

Emotional Intelligence - Affirmations: I Stand & Expand

Let me take this moment to first celebrate the fact that I am blogging again!!!! Whew...It really feels like centuries since my last blog. The bird is out of the cage...the bear is out of the cave...and the wolves are out hunting, once more. Yep!...
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4 min read
For Changemakers - Mar 18, 2019

Lessons on Leadership

For the last seven years, I worked in the world’s largest youth-led organization. I started my journey in the local office in my city in Medellin, Colombia, and went all the way to the global office. I worked my way all the way up to being in...
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3 min read
emotional intelligence - Feb 28, 2019

Soft Skills Are Your Superpower

All over the world, people, companies, schools and governments are waking up to the fact that Soft Skills matter. This is revolutionary. For the past 400 years since the beginning of The Enlightenment, everyone has thought that the only thing...
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