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1 min read
Weekly Wrap Up - Jul 21, 2018

The Time has Come

Take a look at this from Stephen Colbert today: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/stephen-colbert-trump-putin-intervention_us_5b517dfde4b0b15aba8d520b He pierces to the heart of our situation. This is all hands on deck now. Putin and Trump...
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2 min read
Weekly Wrap Up - Jul 13, 2018

Chartres Academy on Geometrica

The course offered by our New Chartres Academy on Geometrica July 1-8 in Chartres, France drew nearly 90 students, faculty and staff, our largest Learning Journey of the year. For seven days, the group met together to study the intricacies of...
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1 min read
Weekly Wrap Up - Jun 22, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up with Jim Garrison: Babies Conquer Trump

The specter of infants being torn away from breast feeding mothers, young sons from their fathers, of parents being deported while their children remained in cages under a sweltering Texas sun, was a shock to America and the world. In another...
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