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Pier Luigi Lattuada - Oct 16, 2019

The origins of Biotransenergetics

Pier Luigi Lattuada, founder of Biotransenergetics (BTE) and the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, Italy, shared with us the story of BTE. This is how it all started.

It was a winter morning ten years ago in Milan. The sun rays filtered through the fog, as was the norm during this time of year. They did not bring any warmth, but they gave a fizzy, cheerful lightness which brought life  to the blackbirds on the trees and the ducks picking up bread from children’s hands in Parco Sempione.

Marlene and I were walking, mostly in silence.

"Someone told me about a portable Kirlian" I said. "We could buy one.

"What is a Kirlian?" said Marlene, with her mind in the clouds as usual. 

"It is an instrument which photographs the aura", I replied.

"What is the aura?"

"The aura is an  electromagnetic field that is a part of the universal energetic field. It shrouds and penetrates human beings and objects as a bright body. It seems that there are people able to see this field as a halo of various colors and various layers, which surround the body and thin out  towards the outside edge." 

"And guess what? I can see it!" Marlene said.


"Yes, my parents gave me a thorough   thrashing because I kept telling them I could see colors around clouds, hens and people!"

"What? They thrashed you?"

"Yes, I said I could see colors, they said it was not true, and then they’d hit me. So I stopped looking out for them."

So I asked Marlene: "Would you like to try?”

 "Well, if I really have to."

We went to my study and I sat down.

 "Well, tell me what you see"

"There is a halo, it is light yellow. It surrounds your body. On your head, on the outside, there is a color, it's bright orange, and it softens into light pink.”

"See if there is something in the organs."

"At the stomach level there are many grayish little balls which run quickly and go as far as the first part of your intestine. Two bright beams come out from your fingers. They are beautiful."

"Can you see anything else around my body?"

"On your right shoulder there is a bright shape that looks like a bird. There are two more, one on your right and one on your left. They make me feel peaceful."

"Try to see if there is anything along the median line of my body, near my abdomen, stomach, chest, throat, and forehead."

"I can see a whirl at the level of your lower stomach, like  a bright wheel, bright orange. There is another one in your stomach, but this one is yellow. In your chest there is one that is green, in your throat one that is light blue..."


While Marlene made the sign of the cross thanking God, I stayed for a while and listened to the sensations which were pervading me. My body was permeated by an exciting throb, my mind could foresee adventures in unknown spaces and magnificent opportunities for   science and knowledge. My soul was joyful, but humble. Marlene would have never accepted being considered a machine and that was not what I wished.

Once I left my dreams of glory, there was a new dimension in front of me. Marlene did not know anything of auras and chakras but she could see them which provided firm proof of their existence. This new awareness called for a radical change: I could no longer act as though I did not know about  the existence of these e subtle bodies, chakras and spiritual entities. The experiences I had in Brazil in the years before had already opened my mind to a new sensibility. But now it was different. I had verifiable confirmations in front of me of the existence of a subtle world that was as real as the visible one. This is when Biotransenergetics was born.

The following years saw an enormous series of ordinary and extraordinary events, which had the effect of affirming  my choice as a psychotherapist, namely of walking in an energetic and spiritual dimension filled with mysticism. The observation of events through  the eyes of the "subtle energy" was almost an obligatory choice for Marlene and me. This is what has brought us to consider the spiritual dimension as a priority and as an inalienable fact in our daily lives as well as in our clinical practice.


Written by Pier Luigi Lattuada

Pier is a Medical Doctor, Ph.D in Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapist. He is the president of the Transpersonal Medicine and Psychotherapy Association, Milan, founder of Biotransenergetica and Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan. He is also Co-Vice President of EUROTAS, European Transpersonal Association and board member of the Italian Psychotherapy Associations Federation. He published 16 Books on shamanism, transpersonal psychotherapy, holistic medicine.