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Mayteck - Feb 28, 2020

What 2020 has taught us in 2 months

I have heard it too: “Time flies!” In just 2 months we have witnessed amazing creations and collaborations as a result of our ever-growing global mindset, but we have also seen how the climate crisis is taking over with natural disasters. We even call what is happening in Australia “bushfire season.” I mean “season”!? Really? 

As a common exercise, I always try to reflect and be more conscious about what is happening and how we can learn from the different situations we live in as my personal way to try to be more fully human. I decided to list some of the learning points I’ve had in the past few months. In case you have more, please share them with us in the comments section :) I am happy to read your thoughts. 

  1. Diversity expands our creativity and innovation opportunities

    As Einstein said: “We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” When exposing ourselves to environments with different points of view, beliefs, nationalities or languages, we start thinking outside the box. Limits stop being relevant.

    In 2020 we watched a Super Bowl game where:

    • The “unexpected” victory of the Kansas City Chiefs showed us how discipline and self-confidence can bring rewarding results, even if it is your first time playing at the Super Bowl.
    • Sharika and J-Lo showed us how their Latina authenticity combined with talent could build one of the most remarkable half time shows in history. They both shined in their own way.
      As a Colombian, I need to say this: before we have only been recognized for series like Narcos. Today, we can sing at the Super Bowl. Thank you, Sharika and JBalvin. 


    Now, let’s talk about the Oscars: 

    • The performance of Frozen 2 included 10 different languages with actors from Denmark, Germany, Japan, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, and Thailand. The message was clear: inclusion, sisterhood, and innovation are key in today’s industry.
    • South Koreans’ won the Oscar for best picture. And even if Trump disagrees, the reality is that diversity is bringing innovation to the Academy. 


  2. We are all changemakers but it takes compassion to act like one
    At the Oscars Ceremony, the actor Joaquin Phoenix who played The Joker gave a beautiful speech in which he mentioned our human capabilities to adapt, create and overcome. We should all use our skills to solve global issues. Even if it is to “use our voice for the voiceless.”

    On January 26th, Demi Lovato returned to the stage singing at the Grammys. Her song reminds us of the importance of mental health illnesses. We can change the world, but first, we need to love ourselves, develop our consciousness and be aware that even if we are living in pain, we do the best we can. Always.
  3. We are not doing enough to solve the climate crisis
    Fridays for Future are still taking place across the world and over 500 global companies have committed to set climate goals based on the best available science.
    Despite some simple efforts, the news of irreversible changes in our planet continue is constantly going viral. Currently, the Australian situation even after the bushfire has stopped is pretty devastating. Some experts say that almost 20% of Australia's forests were burnt during the catastrophe.
    On February 6th, Antarctica experienced its hottest temperature on record. According to CNN, the   heatwave “melted 20% of an island's snow in 9 days.”
    NASA Earth Observatory - Antarctica Melts

We are starting a new decade. 2020 is a key year to take action. Our mindset is changing. Every day we are more aware of pollution from plastic. We are eating less meat and we are developing and buying more sustainable products. But is what we are doing enough?

Written by Mayteck

A passionate and creative communications professional, she is in love with language and creativity. She is our Marketing Manager putting Sun and Soul to everything she does.